Our mission


This page was created to support all projects/themes that helps children to learn to lead a television-free, happy and healthy life. We believe that if we give exciting and fulfilling tasks into their hands, they will not chose watching television.

In our home we should not let the TV on to go on in the background all day or watch endless commercial breaks, but spend time and energy on more creative activities.

Our Products


The CREATIVE CARDS are useful and handful for both girls and boys. You can use these cards regardless you live in a small or big house or flat with or without a garden or balcony. It is important to know that if you create a positive atmosphere and you are patient enough to pay attention to their needs, your child will never get bored and paint your wall or do naughty things.

And why would you not have the energy? When you made a decision to be come parents you also took on the responsibility for this challenge.

All our products are unique, and they are made for and to your children. Let it be “My Story Book”, or My Gift Film, My Mosaic Placard or any other gifts.

Order now and you will get your unique product by post.


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